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5:00-5:45 pm NETWORKING Time w/ Vendors & Massage therapists

DJ mentions throughout

5:45-6:00 pm Dinner served 

5:50-6:00 pm Speaker

Ashley Urquhart introduction  (what is MT Banquets) 

6:00-6:10 pm Serve Dessert

Speaker: Desiree Sawyer (speaker)

6:10-6:50 pm Award Ceremony/giveaways

Picture taking when receiving(2mins)/award winner speak(10-15mins)

Longest commuter(give away) and other giveaway ideas?


7:00-7:50pm Raffle Call/Games

Ashley and Desiree what do attendees want to see at next event(explain next location)

Games to involve attendees

Raffle calls and business mentions

8:00-10 pm Party Time

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