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Ashley Urquhart

 Founder & CEO

Ashley Urquhart is an esteemed massage therapist, and a prominent figure in the wellness industry. As a Philadelphia native, she has brought her healing touch to clients across several states. Graduating from the prestigious Parker University of Massage Therapy in 2009 and further refining her skills at the Art of Healing Institute in Virginia in 2012, Ashley is a seasoned practitioner dedicated to the art of massage.

Ashley's dedication extends beyond her massage table. She is also a passionate massage educator and community activist. Her commitment to the field earned her accreditation as a continuing education provider by the NCBTMB, allowing her to make a significant impact in North Carolina. She is honored to serve on the council board of the United States Organization of Massage Therapists, contributing to the growth and excellence of the industry.

Ashley's entrepreneurial spirit shines as she proudly holds the title of Founder and CEO of MT Banquets, a nationwide wellness professional gathering dedicated to appreciation, networking, and motivation. She is also a valuable partner in 4 Nineteen Education & Training for the Black Massage Therapist Conference, a vital initiative that focuses on educating and enhancing the skills needed in the industry.

Beyond her impressive credentials, Ashley has been featured on renowned platforms such as '2 Massage Therapists and a Microphone' in Canada and the Nike Roach show, where her expertise has shone brightly. With a heart dedicated to healing and a vision to empower the massage therapy community, Ashley Urquhart is an inspirational force in the field.

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Michelle Petisme

Marketing Director

Michelle Petisme is a dynamic marketing director with a background in education. Transitioning from teaching to marketing, she brings a fresh perspective to campaigns and strategies. Skilled in social media management, photo and video editing, Michelle is dedicated to elevating brand presence and engagement.

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Desiree, Ambassador of MT Banquets and Wellness, brings over a decade of expertise as a Licensed Massage Therapist. She was a former President of The American Massage Therapy Association NC-Chapter in her early career. Sawyer holds a Bachelor's degree in Sports Medicine with a specialization in Health Fitness. Her mastery spans various modalities, including Sports Massage, Stretching, Medical Massage, Cupping, Lomi Lomi, and IASTM. As the Owner & & CEO of Mobility Massage and Bodywork, she pioneers accessible wellness practices through her mobile massage practice in Raleigh, NC. She has created jobs for a plethora of Massage Therapists. Notably, she served as the esteemed co-hostess of the 2021 MT Banquets award ceremony, elevating the event with her passion for health and well-being. She invites you to join the cause to decrease the suicide rates in wellness and beauty professionals around the globe with our unforgettable events.

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