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Do I need to be a Beauty or Wellness provider to be nominated?


Is anyone welcomed to come to these events?

YES. We recommend family, friends, clients, and/or coworkers. 

What should I expect at these events?

Vendors, Food, Drinks, Giveaways, Games, Awards, Speeches, Dancing, different themes and, other Wellness Professionals to learn and share. 

Will I get an agenda of each event?

Yes. You can go under buy tickets and we post the updated itinerary under about event.

Do you provide Continuing Education Classes at these events?

No. We want you to take a break from life. 

What will I gain if I come to these events? 

Networking with others, motivation, awards, great entertainment and a positive atmosphere.

What is a Wellness Professional?

Anyone who helps to improve the physical and emotional condition plus providing goals.

Can we bring our kids?

If they are at least 16. 

How should I dress?

Semi-Formal or Formal attire depending on the themes we are expected to have. 

Should I bring anything with me?

Cash or credit card if you decide to purchase from a vendor or request more beverages from the bar.

Will these events be yearly?

The award ceremonies will be annually in North Carolina or Texas. Frequent meet-ups will be in different cities in North Carolina for Wellness & Beauty Professionals. 

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